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I.D.C. - 2020

I.D.C. stands for Innovate, Define and Create, the acronym was created during the research phase of the project, having its roots deep inside quantum physics it felt appropriate to create a title that can be interpreted in many different ways.

I.D.C dives into the realm of quantum physics by looking into the theory of reality and its quest to understand how our world works – the project was a self-discovery journey in the world of maths which lead to a series of experiments which generated different polygonal shapes.

View Source Code: 1, 2, 3.

The experiments are code based, they are all created using JavaScript and the P5 library. In this project i learnt how to code and use creative code to innovate the work i do, as design and code are mainly represented in a 2-dimensional digital space, following the I.D.C. mindset i re-defined the dimensions in which the code is experienced.

I created an AR filter that is now available worldwide to use, the filter cycles through 5 pre-generated images. Since its release it has been used over 2500 times, redefining how code, graphics and reality can be fused together.

Filter link - here